Privacy Guidelines

WTL Studio 01.01.2020

Privacy Guidelines

WTL Studio 01.01.2020

Initial Agreements

This guidelines are provided here for your convenience. WTL Studio is an open and transparent company. We dedicate ourselves to make our services and policies as simple and understandable for our users as possible.
WTL Studio may change and adjust these guidelines in the future, so be sure to check these occasionally. Date of the last update you may find at the top of this page.


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns:

Your Information and Privacy

WTL Studio does not collect any data without your explicit consent. We keep only the information necessary to provide services for you.
Since we use Google Analytics and Google API in some of our products, by using WTL Studio you agree to Google Analytics and Google API Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. You can find links with more information below.
You may request access and modification of any data we hold with regard to your account at any time (see "Questions?" section.)
If your website uses any of third-party plugins, more terms and privacy policies may apply. Be sure to check third-party documents in such case.

WTL Services

WTL (aka. WTL Studio), registered in Chamber of Commerce in Amsterdam under identification number KVK 68175922, provides a variety of online services.
If you are using services other than WTL Studio, information below may not always apply.

WTL Studio

WTL Studio is an online platform for website creators. It allows to quickly create, host, and modify content of the website without prior coding knowledge.
You can create a free WTL Studio account by following the link below. Each account, identified by an unique email address, has exactly one website assigned. To create separate websites, separate accounts must be set up.

WTL Studio - Your Privacy

WTL Studio requires certain amount of information about you and your business to provide website services. These information include:

Email address

We use it to identify you when you access your account or request support.

Website domain address

By default your account is assigned a new wtlstudio domain address. You can change this address to a custom one. We keep the custom domain address to provide hosting redirect.

WTL Studio access time

We occasionally track when our users use different features of WTL Studio editor. We track only the time (in date format: DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM.) This allows us to detect issues and problems with WTL Studio and fix them quicker.

Business details

We keep your business details to align your website with the company information, as well as for invoicing.In case of any concerns regarding your data or privacy, do not hesitate to contact our support (see "Questions?" section.)

Public information

Any information submitted via WTL Studio website builder should be considered public. WTL is not responsible to any private or confident information submitted to or through WTL Studio servers. Websites and content created using WTL Studio is always publicly available.

WTL Studio - Your Rights

These rights concern only subscribed WTL Studio Members. If you are a trial user, we dedicate our time and attention to provide you the best service possible, along with privacy security and stability, but cannot guarantee all of the points below to be met.
→ As a first time user of WTL Studio, you may use WTL Studio, with certain limitations, for the duration of the trial period for free. After trial ends, our support member will contact you with more detailed information about the Membership. You are not obligated to continue with paid Membership after trial period ends.
→ WTL Studio commits to provide stable and persistent hosting services for your website. If at any point this is no longer possible, WTL Studio should inform the user and determine the date at which provided services terminate. In such event, user is obligated to transfer all their data to another provider. No claims may be held against WTL Studio in an unlikely event of service termination.
→ WTL Studio commits to use only the most up-to-date company information in order to create your website.
→ Your website and content created by you using WTL Studio remains your intellectual property. You grand us permission to publicly host this content (and modify, if such modifications are necessary for the purpose of providing you hosting services.)
→ WTL Studio does not claim copyright to any images found during company information search in Google and social networks. These images belong to their original owners.
→ In case of downtime or other service issue, WTL Studio commits to inform you about the issue, estimated time required to fix it, and possible alternative fixes.
→ You may access your WTL Studio account at any time using your email and password credentials.
→ In case of security breach, WTL Studio commits to minimalize damage to your website and data. This may include resetting your account password and reverting your website to last available back-up, and may be done without your consent.
→ You may transfer a custom domain name to WTL Studio and assign it to your website. Contact for more information. Depending on certain requirements, such transfer may require additional fee.
→ You may request WTL Studio to remove your website and domain redirect at any time (unless in case we will be legally forbidden to do so.)
→ You may request WTL Studio to remove any information stored about your account, including: email, name, domain names, history, backups, and website information (similarly, except when we will be legally forbidden to do so.)
→ You may use your WTL Studio website for any (legal!) purpose described in "Best Usage" section. Please refrain from using WTL Studio websites in any way that may damage or negatively affect our infrastructure.

WTL Studio - Your Obligations

These responsibilities concern any WTL Studio user, not only subscribed Members.
→ You are responsible for keeping your account credentials secure. This includes your email address and password. If you suspect someone may have access to your account without your consent, contact our support (see "Questions?" section.)
→ You must provide real and accurate information. This includes your email address (we verify it.) and your business information (we are allowed to verify it.).
→ If we are unable to verify your identity or believe your account may be compromised, we have a right to terminally or permanently suspend access to it. In severe cases, we may also hide your website from the internet.
→ You are fully responsible for any activity that occurs using your WTL Studio account.
→ You are responsible for content used on your website. You must ensure content is legal. Your website must also comply with any applicable law. You shield WTL Studio from any legal consequences with regard to content used on your website.
→ You are responsible for licensing and copyright ownership of any data that appears on your website. If you are unsure or believe certain content, images, or videos are copyrighted - you may not use them without proper license or author permission.
→ WTL Studio maintains backups for websites, but this service is provided as a convenience, not security. You must back-up your work and content at your own discretion, and you may not claim any rights with regard to WTL Studio backups.
→ WTL Studio support may occasionally contact you with regard to your account activity, new features of WTL Studio, or similar information. You can always ask us not to send you promotional emails.
→ If your specific account activity causes any legal damage, damage to income, or infrastructure issues to WTL Studio or any of our clients, you agree to cover these additional costs and shield WTL Studio from any financial and legal consequences.
→ You may not use WTL Studio services for any unlawful and criminal activity. This includes spam, fraud, credit card thieving, phishing, and similar. In case such activity is detected, WTL Studio has a right to immediately suspend any services provided for you. In addition, you shield WTL Studio from any consequences of such activities.
→ You acknowledge our right to suspend temporarily or permanently any provided services, in case WTL Studio suspects activity of your account may cause damage to WTL Studio, our infrastructure, or our other clients.

WTL Studio - Membership

You may find our Membership pricing on WTL Studio website.
During the trial period, you don't need to worry about these details at all. We don't collect any contact or payment information. Just enjoy and test WTL Studio!Some rules regarding our Membership:
After trial period ends, you will be contacted by our Customer Support (our support will contact your only on your account contact email, and always from email. If you are unsure, contact us by phone.)
If you decide not to continue with Membership after your trial expires, your WTL Studio account will become inactive. You will not be able to access website builder or publish your website. Your website also will no longer be publicly available.
You may make your account active again by starting a Membership.
By becoming a Member, you gain unrestricted access to WTL Studio and all its services.
By becoming a Member, you give us right to invoice or directly charge you service fees every month. You also agree to fulfil such invoices and payment request in a timely manner.
You have a right to request a refund in case you are not satisfied with WTL Studio services. Such refund can be requested only once per account, after which account will be permanently disabled and inaccessible. You have a right to claim a refund for a single, latest monthly period only.
In case you fail to timely pay the Membership fee, WTL Studio has a right to temporarily or permanently disable or remove your account. Our support will contact you beforehand, in case we do not receive payments from you.
In case of credit card payments, you grant WTL Studio right to automatically renew and charge your credit card every month. You can request us not to do so at any time.
Payments are handled by a third-party provider. Their terms and privacy policy may apply (you will receive these along with payment request.)
You can cancel Membership at any time. In such case, your Membership will be discontinued at the end of the latest billing period.

WTL Studio - Limitations

To ensure best service for all our customers, we define certain limits on usage of WTL Studio. You can find them below - be sure to check them from time to time as they may change!
→ Max. size of images used on the website is 5MB
→ Max. size of videos used on the website is 5MB

WTL Studio - General Service License

Copyright Ⓒ WTL Studio, WTL
This software is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind, express, or implied, including but not limited to the warranties of merchantability, completeness, fitness for a particular purpose and non infringement.
We can modify, update, and restrict any parts of the software at our discretion, without notice.
We ensure highest quality of our services, but do not guarantee flawlessness of any part of the provided software.
We do not encourage using WTL Studio for storing any fragile data or content. No claims can be made in case of security breach or such data loss.
By using WTL Studio you agree to shield, defend, indemnify, and hold harmless WTL Studio, its customers, and third party providers, from any financial and legal claims and consequences to the fullest extent allowed by law.
By using WTL Studio you acknowledge that you have been advised about and agree to any potential risks and limitations arising from using WTL Studio software or any third-party software included within WTL Studio.
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