November 2019 Update

Jan Jurczyk

November 2019 Update

Jan Jurczyk

What's New?

It is time for us to release the first major update for WTL Studio.
We focus on making website creation easier and faster for you at all times, but we also want to see you grow and expand your online presence.
Along with several stability and accessibility improvements, WTL Studio is now also going to feature a range of SEO tools. These tools should help you reach your audience much easier, grow traffic, and build a stable online brand. It will still take time, but our goal is to minimise the amount of SEO chores you have to go through.
Detailed list of changes and fixes below, available mid-November 2019.

SEO & Sharing Management Tools

In the editor Settings tab you will now find a new Keywords & SEO category.
In this category we place all the tools that may help you improve your website SEO and discoverability.
You are now able to edit each subpage individually - with custom title, description, and preview image. Sharing was heavily tested on the most popular services, so you can be sure it will look great on any search engine and social network.

Improved Block Presets

You can now build pages easier and faster using various block and layout presets. We also improved the search experience for these.
All blocks and presets are tested on both mobile and desktop devices, so you don't ever have to worry about it.

Style Editor

Until now using CSS was the only way to style WTL blocks. This was obviously far from perfect, it takes a lot of time and knowledge to set these stylesheets up each time.
You can now use the Appearance panel to style blocks instead. Under the hood, these still generate handy CSS stylesheets, but you are no longer required to work with them manually.

Rich Text Editor

To improve blogging and content creation, we added a new rich text editor. Rich text is very important for SEO - it allows you to mark headings and keywords in the text content on your website. Search engines like Google track websites using headings, so be sure to use them wisely!
You can access rich text editor in the Properties panel of any Text block.

Smaller Changes

SEO: Automatic Sitemaps

WTL Studio will now create a sitemap file for your website each time you publish something new. Sitemaps show search engines how your website is structured, and where to look for valuable content.
You can see a sample sitemap here.
This change is automatic, and you do not need to do any manual work to generate sitemaps.

SEO: Image titles

You can now add title text to images on your website. This is, once again, a SEO improvement. Since Google, and other search engines, find it hard to understand meanings behind some images, you can help them by adding a simple description.
You will find Description field in the Properties panel of Image blocks.

General: Block Animations

We added a set of transition (appear / disappear) animations for blocks. These animations are triggered by scrolling up and down when viewing the published page.
You can access them in the Effects panel.

General: Faster Website Publication

We are working on improving website publication time. This process used to take around 24 hours. It should now be decreased to around 60 minutes in worst cases.
For most publishing, updated page should be available within 25 minutes worldwide.
Next update patch will be released by the end of 2019.
Thank you for using WTL Studio!
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