Underrun QT - December Update

Jan Jurczyk

Underrun QT - December Update

Jan Jurczyk

Underrun QT

Underrun QT is a third-person shooter video game developed by WTL Studio, released mid-2019.
Underrun equips you with weapons and drops into hordes of enemies. Rest is your job! Run, shoot, fight - then jump into the editor where you can build your own maps!
It started as a side-project, in which we developed a simple level editor for the game. Also adding a few minor improvements and bug-fixes.

December Update

Underrun QT will receive its first scheduled update around the end of December 2019.
We want this update to focus on new enemies and combat overall, to Underrun more engaging and challenging.
So before that update, let's look at what will be added there.

Weapons & Ammo Limits

First change, which was almost added in the initial version, is the ammo limit.
Right now player can run around, guns blazing, finger never off the trigger.
Adding a small ammo limit will hopefully make fights a bit more demanding and tactical. Two options we can try out are carried ammo limit or simply a reload delay.
I think reloading, without strict ammo limits, can improve fights and not slow down the entire gameplay at the same time. This will be the first change to take a look at.
At the same time, it can be a good time to add an additional weapon. Right now player can use only the default, fast Underrun blaster.
What this game lacks is the good, old-school, Doom double-barrel. Slow, heavy, very effective. While we are at it, we will also experiment a bit around recoil.


Improvement of combat means also improvements in player controls.
We noticed that slowing down the player adds more challenge to the game, but at times makes it impossible to dodge bullets.
In December we will be decreasing player movement speed, but in return, player will now be able to dash sideways.

Combat System

I believe the major changes come here. After spending countless evenings on Doom, Dead Cells, and Cuphead - it is easy to see the one big flaw of Underrun fighting.
Lack of any pacing.
It is not necessarily the AI, ammo, or maps. The initial release combat was meant to be simple, of course, so it doesn't require any significant skill or timing from the player.
That's something we want to improve. And here's how.
→ Unique enemy mechanics. Every enemy will now have their unique set of behaviours. Something to learn, expect, and counter by the player.
→ Telegraphing. Along with new mechanics, we will also make sure that player can master the game over time. Right now enemies just attack you continuously, no delay or warning and this has to improve.
→ Complex Encounters. Not to spoil too much before the next post, but besides just new enemies, Underrun is about to see its first bosses! Think big enemies with complex mechanics, rhythmic gameplay, and very long health bars!
In the next post we will go a bit more in-detail about the new kinds of enemies, and how we'd like them to work. Please note that these posts are more of brainstorm sessions rather than strict plans.
In December we will keep you updated on the progress and changes coming to Underrun!
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