How to create a one page business website

WTL Studio on-boarding

How to create a one page business website

WTL Studio on-boarding


When you are looking to set up a website quickly, WTL Studio will be a very right choice for you. In fact, we are about to set one up in just moments.
Keep in mind that to use this guide you do not need to have a WTL Membership. Everything shown here can be done with the free trial account as well.

1. Create new WTL Studio Account

Generate starter website for your business

To use WTL Studio, head to the starting page generator. It will quickly create an initial layout for you, while also setting up the hosting and the account.
business website generator
First, search for a niche or business you want to create a website for. I will go with “Niche: green energy” and select it within the shown options.
After a few seconds, preview will appear. Scroll down a little bit and press the Check Details button. Check whether the form has all the correct data and create the account.

2. Login to the site builder

Accessing your WTL Studio account

You will receive two verification emails. After you verify the account, head to the WTL Studio site builder. There use your email and password to access the editor.

Short introduction to the interface

As you can see, there is quite a bit going on. But don’t worry. Let me show you around and in a moment everything will be very clear and intuitive.

3. Company name and details

Company name

Let’s start by editing the company name. In the page preview, click the company name. It will highlight the element and, in the bottom panel, you will see new options.
business website generator
To edit the company name, all we have to do is change it in the content field. There, done.

Description and address

Below the header image you will also find fields for description, address, and business type. You can edit them the same way as the company name.

4. Updating services and products

Fill-in templates

Generated layout has enough space to display 3 services your business may offer (I will show you in a moment how to add more.) Scroll down to services and fill-in the descriptions.

Adding more services

To add more services, we will learn how to duplicate elements on the webpage. Select the last service display (click on the opposite side than the text itself, this will select the entire row we want to duplicate.).
At the bottom of the selection frame click the second button - duplicate.
Select the duplicate. Now, in the panel on the bottom left side of the screen, use up and down buttons to move it to the correct place.
All that is left to do now is to add new description, icon, and name for the service.
Duplicated element keeps the layout of the original. If you would like to, for example, align it differently use the controls in the Selection menu.

Updating contact details

Most of the contact details are displayed on a separate subpage - it improves readability and categorises content shown to the reader.
You can change edited subpages using the selector at the top of the left panel. Select contact from the selector, and you will be taken to the contact subpage.Here you can update the email, phone number, and address. If your company office is listed, you can also add a Google Maps link.

5. SEO and social networks

Social Network links

To add and update your social network links, go on and use subpage selector to move to the Starting Page. Then scroll down to the social networks list. Let’s add a Facebook link. First, select the Facebook icon. In the same place where we changed content for text elements, set the url to your facebook page address.
If any of the icons are unnecessary, just select and use the delete button under selection to remove them.

Company logo in browser tab

Let’s head out from the content editing, and focus on SEO for a moment. Head to the Settings panel (top navigation, very end.)
If it is not selected yet, select Basic Configuration on the list. You will see page title and icon editor. These are very important for both SEO and user experience, so lets update them. First the title. Now the icon. Favicon are quite small, and should make your website easily recognizable among other opened browser tabs (you can prepare a 16x16 icon yourself, or use service like FavIcon.ico Generator to help you.) After you upload, it is ready to go!

6. Publishing your website

Saving the progress

business website generator
Your website is now ready to launch. First let’s learn how to save progress. This will not publish your changes, but persist them in case you want to take a break or make adjustments in the future. To save progress, use the save button in the top right corner of the screen. You will get a notification when the project is saved. All done. Publishing your website makes it available for anyone to view. To do this, use the publish button in the top right corner of the screen. You will get a notification when the project will start publishing. It will take around 2 minutes for this to finish (you can safely close the browser, without waiting.)
After publishing is done, head to your assigned website address - your new website is ready.
If you cannot see the changes instantly, it means they are still propagating. WTL Studio delivers your website across the globe, it can take a moment before the changes become public.

Final thoughts

That is everything you need to set up a one page business website using WTL Studio. Of course, this only scratches the surface of what you can do with WTL Studio.If you are curious, play around. Your website is backed up, and it will not be easy to break it. Test, try, and learn.
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